Gas Baking Oven-1 Deck 2 Tray


Gas Baking Oven-1 Deck 2 Tray
1. 0.6 mm Stainless steel 430.
2. Electricity as control source, gas as heating source.
3. The temperature range is 50-300 Centigrade
4. Constant temperature automatically.
5. 2 pieces of combustion tube, very fast heating.
6. 8-12 minutes to preheat.
7.Usage: bake bread, pastries, cakes.
8. High temp glass window and lamp, the baking processes are very easy to observe.
9. The running cost is much cheaper than electric oven, baking more quickly and efficient and more suitable for commercial area.
10.Over-temperature protection, When the temperature exceeds 4% of the setting value, the red light will flash and set an alarm.
11. Simple operation, easy to clean.
12. The upper heater and lower heater can be controlled separately.
13. The foods are heated by naked gas flame, so they are perfect in color, flavor and taste.

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