Electric Urn/Boiler-10 Litre (Water Capacity-5 Litre)


Double layered water boiler – heat and warm function.

When large quantities of on-tap piping hot water are required, a commercial water boiler or tea urn is the ideal machine to improve productivity and save time. Whether you’re running a mobile catering business or a busy café during the morning rush, most caterers benefit from using one of these efficient and powerful appliances to make tea, coffee, hot chocolate or soup.

With its stylish good looks, the water urn combines simplicity and convenience in its design. Featuring easy to use controls and stainless walled construction, the water boiler is effortless to fill, operate and clean. This water urn also offers the convenience of not having to be plumbed in, so it’s perfect for light duty mobile catering, meeting rooms, waiting areas or other facilities without a direct mains water supply.

A great investment for any domestic or commercial kitchen. Ideal for quickly preparing hot drinks in a wide variety of places including restaurants, hotels, cafe, offices and parties.

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