Gas Griller-Flat Top Size 720mm


720mm Flat Top Gas Griller 10KW

Heavy duty table top gas steak griddle is made of high quality stainless steel ,with the plate is made of non-stick cast iron .

Over temperature protect device ,accident flameout protect device ,safe and reliable .

High class cooking surface ,heated quickly and evenly.

Two switches ,operators have the discretion to use half of the griddle base on the quantity of the food ,more convenient and energy saving .

A scraps drawer between the two switches, easy to clean the plates quickly after cooking .

The first choice for restaurant ,and all kinds of snack bar.

This gas griddle is adequate to commercial uses, such as restaurants, supermarkets, fast food stands, snack bars or home uses and partys

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Gas Griller-Flat Top Size 720mm
Gas Griller-Flat Top Size 720mm