Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Cookware Set-22 Piece


The Leopard stainless steel cookware set has a timeless beauty and executes perfect stainless steel finishes that will compliment any kitchen.

The Handles:
The open designed casserole handles contribute to a firmer grip, the handles are heat resistant so they never get hot while you are busy cooking, they are also an easy and convenient grip for the casserole lids catching and condensation.

The Lids:
The lid is made of 1mm thick stainless steel and seals the casserole perfectly to guarantee a perfect meal everytime.The condensation rim collects the hot air and that builds a thin vapour seal between the casserole and the lid, which seals the lid airtight; this means that no valuable food juices are lost and the food you are cooking cooks in its own juices. The temperature control ensures you cook your meals at the perfect heat not having it to cold its not cooking or to hot that its burning your food.

– Made of durable stainless steel to last you much longer
– Heat resistant handles ensure you don’t burn during cooking
– Retains heat , allowing your food to cook evenly
– The handles can support the lids while you stirring your meals
– Lid fits tightly ensuring no air or vapour escapes allowing your food to cook perfectly.
– Each lid is equipped with a temperature control gauge, ensuring you cook at the right temperature each time.
– 11 layers capsuled bottom
– Can be used on any stove top

– Material: Stainless Steel
– Dimensions:
1x Casserole 6.1L 24×13.5cm with Lid
1x Casserole 3.1L 20x10cm with Lid
1x Casserole 2.3L 18x9cm with Lid
1x Casserole 1.6L 16x8cm with Lid
1x Frying Pan 3.2L 24x7cm with Lid
1x Sauce Pan 1.6L 16x8cm with Lid
1x Steamer 3.1L 20x10cm with Lid
1x Mixing Bowl 20cm
1x Frying Basket with Handle
2x Bakelite Matts
1x Spatula
1x Slotted Spoon
1x Ladle

  • Weight: 12.062Kg
Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Cookware Set-22 Piece


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