Candy Floss Machine-550mm


Candy floss Machine are used by professional operators all over the world, very popular among stadiums ,carnivals ,arenas ,department stores, festivals, amusement parks or other large venues.

When you need to have high quantities of cotton candy in a short period of time-these workhorses are the machines to uses high output. Pink color and orange color are available.

Commercial cotton candy machine Stainless steel. Innovative design. High grade stainless steel,make sure the best quality. Long life time,durable use,easy clean. Wide suitable scope,sanitary,safe and easy operation. Easy to make colorful cotton candy… For making popular favorite snack food

Adjustable temperature control. All candy floss machines come with a dedicated sugar spoon. Over-temperature protection device.

Candy Floss Machine-720mm
Candy Floss Machine-550mm