Eetrite Cast Iron Frying Pan-25cm


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Eetrite cast iron grill pans are perfect for grilling and searing a delicious steak or for cooking anything from chicken breasts and kebabs to vegetables. The ridges allow fat to flow off the meat, just like it would drip between the grates of a grill. This grill pan can be taken straight from the stovetop to the table, adding a pop of colour to a table setting and keeping food hot for those who like a second serving. The surface does not absorb food particles or odours ensuring perfect hygiene. You can cook safely, marinade your food and leave it in the fridge without worrying about it.
Cast iron has been recognised as one of the best and most versatile materials available for cookware, and can be used for almost any recipe. The weight of the cast iron provides both heat retention and even heat distribution, resulting in better energy consumption. Whatever the recipe, you can be assured of success


Diameter: 25cm

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